Just Practice 3.3

Submitted latest version which has the following changes

  1. Improved metronome accuracy
  2. Progress bar on home screen indicating %complete of daily plan
  3. Hypertext Help screens accessed by button on top right of home screen
  4. Saving data automatically when application is “kicked off” involuntarily. Not sure whether this works when a call comes in on the Iphone since I am developing on an iPod touch, so let me know.
  5. Practice sessions less than 1 minute are not saved

6 Responses to “Just Practice 3.3”

  1. Damian Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    Wanted to give you some feedback although I haven’t had a good chance to use the updated version. I was a bit put out that all my hard work inputting pieces and practice sessions had suddenly gone up in smoke. I hope that doesn’t happen with every update.

    However, it all seems to make a bit more sense, ok, honestly, I just wanted to moan about the above, and it’s slowed me down using it since, and I’ve been away so not practicing, but I will start again tomorrow, and I still love the app. I’ll give more constructive feedback soon!

    All the best,

  2. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Sorry about that. I changed the file formats from 3.1 and had code inside which was supposed to detect the diffs, and invisibly import the data, seems like it had a bug. From 3.2 however there are no changes, and the files should just transfer.

    Anyway, the next version (3.4 almost ready ), has an integrated webserver, so you will be able to transfer your data files between the phone and your desktop using any browser.

  3. Autumn Says:

    Same problem; I lost all my practice records with this update. This version seems to have lost the ability to time my practice session or to manually add a session, too. I love this app, so I’m looking forward to the next release as well.

  4. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Autumn: App should still be timing your sessions. This wasn’t changed, in fact since 3.2, I especially added the session duration input field for progress monitoring. Also, the manual update should appear as long as you have some items in your plan.

    Oops, I think I know the reason for your confusion. Practice sessions less than 1 minute are not saved any more. This was to reduce output formatting. I noticed that this would lead to log entries of length 0′ (since output formatting is in hh:mm). Let me know if you need resolution of seconds.

  5. Autumn Says:

    No, sorry; this was user error! Because everything got wiped I’d forgotten to set up a new practice and goal. I’d become used to just touching Practice when I sat down to play or manually adding a session via the Log. I’d only been using it for a couple of weeks before the update, so I’m not as familiar with it as I otherwise would have been.

    I love this app; it’s fantastic. It’s simple but elegant, and does exactly what I need it to do. Thanks so much for providing it.

  6. Damian Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    Again, I love the app, have started using it again. Haven’t been interrupted by a phone call yet, maybe today.

    I suppose we all practice in different ways, students, professionals etc. Let me use myself as a case study. I’m a professional jazz bassist who has recently taken up classical study as well. My practice has always been somewhat unorganised, one of the reasons I like ‘Just Practice’ so much. It helps me stay organised.

    Now, I don’t have typical days – everyday is different, I may be driving 4 hours to do a gig, or in meetings all day, and often I don’t know until the day comes up, so organising it all in advance doesn’t work too well, I can see the sense in having days to turn on and off for pieces, that’s great, but on a day that I only have an hour, the piece will get 10mins but on a two hour day it will get 20 mins.

    Is there any point marking a piece for a % of practice time of a certain day?
    you state how much time you have that day, and it automatically calculates from your first day.

    ie: If I had put in all my pieces and things I was practicing on Monday and it came up to 1 and a half hours, then on Tuesday I put in I was practicing for 2 hours, so it calculates how long I should practice each piece for. That could be expressed better but I’m sure you get the idea.

    But that is still an extra type of feature. The main thing is that some days I practice 20 mins and some 3 hours. I suppose I just set it for an average, but it means I mostly ignore the % indicator on the home screen.

    The app works well again, now I’m over the shock of inputing everything again! I’m going to go and do some practice! Thanks again Malcolm for your hard work, I hope you’ve lots of people using it, you deserve it!

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