Just Practice 3.4

In my philosophy of continuous improvement, aiming to make the interface simpler,  but with more functionality …

Latest version changes are:

  1. Home screen displays entire month as a calendar.
    • Each day indicating time practiced.
    • Choosing a day will display its practice log.
    • Choosing today, jumps straight to the practice home screen.
  2. Practice home screen has all pieces (even those not planned for today). This gives more freedom for practicing off the plan.
  3. Addition of a webserver on the tools page. This lets you download your plan and practice log to your computer in .csv format for use with any spreadsheet/database app.

3 Responses to “Just Practice 3.4”

  1. Damian Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I really like the home page with the calendar view. It now saves the practice session if someone calls, great! My iphone lost all its apps for some wierd reason, and didn’t restore, so I again lost all my saved practice sessions, but nothing to do with your app this time! Still, it was extremely fustrating. Now I could back it up with your export feature. Not sure when I’ll get around to that though,

    Have a think about being able to set up a ‘piece’ that is actually a folder containing more ‘piece’. Only one level I would think, and then if it was a one button to go from one piece to the next, you could keep individual metronome markings for exercises in a book, or other specific exercises, or scales, or something else…. but on the home page, it would all come under the one piece (folder) name!

    What do you think? I don’t think it would make it too convuluted, and it would be optional of course. I think it would be extremely handy, what do you and others think?

    Anyway, the app is still helping me maintain a regular and productive practice routine. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Damian Says:

    When editing your practice plan, could you make it possible to edit the name of the piece as well? I had one marked vibrato – to remind me to do a little everyday, then decided to add tremolo to it as well, but couldn’t. It would be a nice small touch. Thanks again!

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