Just Practice 3.5

Just sent in the latest update. It took Apple a bit longer to accept my previous one, so I guess this will also be delayed.

Anyway, I had a small bug in the last version with then new Calendar screen (not all days were printed). This has now been fixed, and at the same time it has been neatened up.

I was also admonished by Apple for using the bookmarks button as my help button, so I replaced it with a Question mark instead.

Some more features in this version:

  1. A weekly scorecard of your practice sessions (under tools tab)
  2. You can now add,delete and even edit prior practice sessions
  3. Less clicks to get to your practice sessions

I’m off for a week to go skiing with my son, so see you next week!


4 Responses to “Just Practice 3.5”

  1. John Chapman Says:

    This app is great! It is making a big difference in how I practice. It really keeps me on task.

    I have had the last three updates.

    I miss the log by piece. I also liked the last version’s look better.

    There does seem to be a glitch in the log by week. When I scroll the extra arrow buttons appear.

    The new calendar that flips is great. I would want it under log though.

    Thank you for my favorate app!!!!! I would be happy to pay for it!!!!

    I also liked the home screen the had the hall and percent for the day

  2. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    I am working on a nicer log by piece view (similiar to the monthly view).
    Arrows glitch has been fixed, also there was abug in the edit session listings which is now fixed as well.
    Also, I am working a recording tool for the practice session. Version 3.6 will be a blast!

    Enjoy, and feel free to rate it in the App store, and share it with your friends!

  3. midsummermagic1111 Says:

    Great App!!! Just what I’ve been waiting for. It’s really nice to see how much total time it will take to get everything done.. and also helps to really decide what to accomplish with practice time. I have a large wish list.. but towards the top of the list is perhaps an alarm when the time is up and ability to edit the top box title. I also love how you can see the other practice items even though they aren’t scheduled for that day.. and how you can see your accomplishments at the end of the day. Thank you for your work on this. I look forward to your updates. =)

  4. midsummermagic1111 Says:

    The only other practice app out there is the music journal. I like yours better because I can plan my practice routine per day and see how much total time I have to do on each particular day. Really helpful in establishing a routine when you have several music projects to coordinate.

    There are features I hope you add in the future. At the top of my wish list (as stated already) is an alarm because I need to stick to my time budget and it would be helpful to not have to look at the clock while I am practicing (though I could just set a regular alarm like old school – duh!). I do like how music journal has folders. It neatens up my long list nicely. The graph is also nice with the color coding.. but still prefer your app because of the base function it serves.

    Hope you had fun skiing. Thank you for your app! It makes my life easier. =)

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