Just Practice 3.6 now available on App store

And I never received any criticisms from Apple 🙂



9 Responses to “Just Practice 3.6 now available on App store”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Wow!!! Great update, Malcolm! Thank you for the change on the practice page – putting the total planned practice for each item. And the alarm and recorder are over the top cool! Love it Love it Love it! The best practice app out there! =)

  2. Randy Says:

    Very useful app. One thing keeps me from using it more: for some reason the metronome mutes during recording. Would love to be able to record practice clips with the metronome. Other than that, my opinion is that the app is just about perfect. Thanks!

  3. gianni Says:

    Hello there and thanks for this app that I have used a lot in the last 2 years. I just upgraded my ipod to IOS 5.0 and realised that this app is now running really slow and becoming almost unusable. Not sure if it is my ipod memory but all other apps seem fine which makes me think something else is wrong. Thank you

  4. gianni Says:

    Great really appreciate this! In the meantime i tried to delete my almost 2 months database. One request if you feel it is useful. I practice over 20 guitar pieces regularly and each time i clear the database it seems there is not way to just cancel the sessions log but maintain the pieces in the database? Each time i have to recreate my song database. Thanks and look forward to the new upload.

  5. Najim Says:

    Hey Malcolm. I’ve searched for an app like this for a while and I got to say your app is the best for musicians who want to develop their skills. Unfortunately, a lot of people, like myself, have Androids and do not have the saturated music market that iphone users have and so we can’t get this program. Is there a way you can port this app onto the android marketplace. It would be greatly appreciated.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Hi Najim,

      Actually, I have already started the Android version. This may take a while though (1-2 months), since it is a complete rewrite of the application.

      Also, I have recently acquired a Galaxy Tab (10.1), and am working also on a tablet version. Having a larger screen saves a lot of window switching.


  6. Joy Pollard Says:

    I would like to be able to add scales. Also when is a proper iPad version likely. Not just a x2 iPhone version. The print is so big that scales and arpeggios etc that start with the same name are confusing. I.e. Commencing on D and Commencing on C, you only view Commencing on…..

    Apart from these small things, most impressed. Thanks.

  7. Chris Gotzen-Berg Says:

    A great addition to this app would be creating a way a teacher could view a student’s stats on this app. That would be a powerful tool!

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