QA cycle started for 3.7

The metronome has been re-written to be more accurate, and also I have added a time-signature option with different sounds for the first beat of the bar, and the rest of the beats. See the new practice screen snapshot:

I will use the app intensively this week, and if all goes well, upload it by the end of the week.

Note that it will only run on the latest iOS i.e. 4.2 , so if you haven’t upgraded yet, now you have another reason.


3 Responses to “QA cycle started for 3.7”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I am a big fan of your app. This is the best practice app out there by far. One thing I am hoping for in the future is a large memo screen that can be written on in the “Plan” section and will show up when you are practicing. A lot of times I have a long list I want to accomplish for the week.. but can’t see because “Just Practiced” is timing my session and I can’t get to my notes on my iphone to know what to practice.. it would be helpful to have my notes in each practice section. Hope to see this soon!!! I have this rigged so I made each item separate in the plan section .. but prefer to allocate an overall time rather than zero out each item because they are too small. Hope that makes sense.


  2. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Thanks Mandy,

    I use the Goal field (not appropriately named), as well as the comment field as places to keep notes on what/how to practice for the next session. Being only a single line, I have evolved a simple shorthand, eg r120,m140 means read at 120 then play from memory at 140. I do not enjoy typing long notes on the iPhone, so this is why I don’t have a long page for more copious notes. Of course, I also write a lot of notes on the Music itself, the best place really.

    Thanks for the feedback, it is very useful to see how different likes/dislikes each person has.

    – Malcolm

  3. Mandy Says:

    Thank you for your response. I do use shorthand.. but found with vocal practice exercises I don’t always use paper and like to practice on the go inbetween things.. so I usually keep a list on my iphone of what exercises to do. Just put me down for a request to make the goal box a lot bigger / expandable.


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