3.7 Accepted !

Should be available for download within 24 hours.

Took a bit longer this time …


15 Responses to “3.7 Accepted !”

  1. Damian Says:


  2. Elle Says:

    Fabulous app, has become indispensable. One question: is there still an ability to edit a session? Sometimes I forget to start the timer when practicing the piece. In the past, I could edit the time spent on a piece. The only way that I’ve found to do that now is to add another session of the same piece. Is that right?

    Thanks again!

  3. malcolmkavalsky Says:


    I removed the edit session, since it had a bug, which was taking too long to fix, and I wanted to release 3.7. The work-around is as you wrote. I admit it is less convenient and will restore it in the next version.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  4. Keith Says:

    Hi, Malcolm. I love this app. My only problem is when I manually add a session, the time it records is five hours later than the time I enter. (Ex., I add a session starting at 7:00. When I return to the former screen, it says the session started at 12:00.) How do I fix this?


  5. Dan Says:

    Love this app! I’m a bit obsessed with it.
    Please Please Please have a volume control to make the metronome louder as I sometimes struggle to hear it. Also is there a possibility of adding folders in the future?
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. Damian Says:

    Hi Malcolm,
    Thought I’d better pop in and congratulate you on the update. I like the star system and am particularly pleased at the multi-tasking, it works great for me, and I use it all the time. The only issue I have is I usually use the metronome of 1/4 with no accents, but the default 1/4 has the high pitched ‘accent’, so everytime I turn on the metronome, I need to go through the time sigs until I get back to 1/4 and this time it sound the low pitched tick, which is so much easier on the ears. Would you be able to reverse this in the next update?

    When I reviewed my practice for a piece it only showed me 2011, is that on purpose?

    Again, this is my most used and most indispensable app, many thanks for the hard work.

  7. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, some quick comments:

    1. Elle, you will be able to edit practice sessions in the next version.
    2. Dan, the volume of the metronome is the default as set on your phone. I dont’ have much screenspace to add another slide for this, so please just use the general volume control.
    3. Damian, I have switched between the tick and tock sounds of the metronome. Could be a bug in my code that only shows practice sessions from 2011, will look into this.

  8. Damian Says:

    Hi again Malcolm,

    After much use of 3.7 I have a few comments.
    I like the star system, but it seems to be inconsistent, sometimes they have all disappeared, mid week, mid month, for no apparent reason. Have you experienced the same?

    Also, when adding a new piece to the plan – it would make sense (at least to me!) to have it add up the top. I have a lot of ‘pieces’ in my plan, not all in use, so when I add a new one, I’m going to be using it, but it’s at the bottom with all the ones that I’m not currently using. I then need to draaaag it up past all of them. Not a big deal I admit, but one of those little things that either becomes a drag or a joy.

    Finally, it occurred to me that perhaps you would like to look at how somebody else uses your app. Feel free to email me and give me an address and I will email you an export of my use of the app, ie:the practice.csv and plan.csv I suppose. Not the recordings 😉


    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Hi Damian,

      I have not had any case of stars disappearing. I have changed the star system in the next version so it may fix this.
      You may be pleased to know that I have added folders and more extensive piece management, as well. I will upload
      some screenshots soon.

      Good call on the new piece addition. I will move it to the top instead of bottom.

      I am very interested to see how you use the program, and have sent you my email.


  9. Tara Says:

    I am really enjoying your app. Are you planning to have a version for iPad? Right now I’m using the iPhone app on it since I don’t have an iPhone.

    Also, is there a way to manually add a piece for one day only? I don’t necessarily practice the same thing all the time and I have to learn new music then I’m done with it. Thanks.

  10. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Hi Tara,

    I don’t have an iPad to test, but will see if I can borrow one for the next release/

    The next version 4.0 has a lot of changes, and could be more easily used for single practice sessions. It has a piece manager which lets you add pieces without adding them to the plan, and you can then just add them to your log or practice sessions.

  11. Ann Says:

    Hi Malcolm

    This app is finally getting my son to practice without a war in our house every night!

    Would you be able to configure the start day of the week so that it could tie in with the lesson day? That way it would be easy to reflect on how much practice has been done since the last lesson.


  12. Cecilie Hansen Says:

    Is it possible to transfer the recordings to a computer somehow?

  13. Brent Turney Says:


    I love the app!

    I am pushing my college students to use the app.

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