4.0 Sneak preview

I have decided to call the next version 4.0, since I have some major changes/additions

  • A piece database is now built-in, and I am using the iOS coredata api for real database storage instead of my simple file I/O library. So, you can more easily reuse previous pieces, rename them, etc.
  • The planning screen includes a row of totals for each day, so you can see while creating the plan how much total practice time is expected for each day.
  • On the practice screen, you can view/edit practice notes more easily
  • Friends: still working on a simple social networking feature, more on this to be announced

Here are some screenshots of the next major version.

The cleaned up home screen:

The new planning screen with totals per day:

The main practice screen with improved star colors:

  • Red – piece was not practiced when it should have been
  • Yellow – piece was practiced, but less than should have been
  • Green – piece was practiced completely

Also, you can practice any piece in the database, besides those that were in the plan

The main piece database screen:


13 Responses to “4.0 Sneak preview”

  1. Damian Says:

    Looking forward to it Malcolm!

    Realising this comment is ill-timed and probably unwarranted….. BUT…. 😉

    I did find a kind-of-need/want to have a two user capability recently. I’m not sure if I’d actually use it, but I was thinking of using the app in rehearsals with a group I work with… it could also be used by single iphone/pod families by multiple members. This would probably wreak havok with your databases etc, and really isn’t important, but I suppose every thought is a thought at least!

    The real reason for this comment is that I’m always keenly anticipating the latest updates. My practice has been sparodic of late so anything that helps me get organised is welcome!

  2. Andrew Says:

    I really love Just Practice and use it everyday. I’ve tried other practice programs and yours is by far the best. I’m looking forward to the new version.

    I have a request which I would find useful which is the ability to manually edit the times. On occasions I have accidentally selected the wrong piece for practice and not discovered this until I have finished so the time taken has been registered against the wrong piece of music. Plus there are times when I have neglected to turn off the timer after I have finished or I have been interrupted by something and left the timer running, or I have just forgotten to set the timer when I have started a piece. Manual editing would allow me to correct these issues.

    Another problem I have had has been with editing the text field in the practice screen. Once I have entered something and saved it I don’t seem to be able to edit or delete the text entry. As I use this field to set myself goals I like to be able to update my goal once I have achieved it. Hopefully from reading your comments regarding V4.0 this issue should be fixed.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Damian Says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    My practice database seems to be a little messed up. It has entries in for the future of practice that I’ve already done. I would be fine with this but the results are not showing in my playing. ;). I can’t recall when this first happened but it could be around the time I exported it. I’m sure it’s not from incorrect entries, there are too many false entries. Any ideas?

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Very strange. I haven’t had this happen to me.

      What happens when you delete one of these future sessions ?

      Exporting a database doesn’t change the original database, only creates a new output format.

      Does the exported data have the same entries as the original ?

      • Damian Says:

        I can only delete past sessions it seems. I haven’t looked at the exported because I just sent it to you. The sessions are duplicates every year and seem to extend indefinitely. At least up to 2012.
        Maybe I should just uninstall and reinstall. I’m not that attached to my practice history, but I suppose I’m not keen on reentering all the pieces and practice items.

  4. Damian Says:

    Actually, I can see now I can’t delete the May entries of this year either. They are replicates of last May.

    It goes to show the effectiveness of your app that I’ve practiced less since it hasn’t been working! A few other life issues as well I suppose but we’ll get both life and app sorted and start the practice again!

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Sounds like a bug in the date calculations that aren’t taking into account change in year. I guess you are the first to have used the application for a complete year without re-installing or cleaning the database. Probably if you delete last years May entries, then you will not see them repeated.

      At this stage, I would suggest saving your data to your hard-drive and perform a fresh install, cleaning out the old data.

      I am busy on version 4.0 and would rather get it out as soon as possible since it is better in many respects than the current version.

  5. Elle Says:

    Wow, v4, I’m looking forward to it. I hope you’re taking time to practice!

  6. Gabe Says:

    Hi Malcolm,
    I continue to have problems downloading my recordings to my computer. Whenever I click on a CAF recording in the website thing, it keeps bringing me to a page that says “Sorry, this file is not supported”. Do you know how I might be able to be able to download my recordings? Help would be very much appreciated.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      CAF is an apple audio format, less popular on Windows/Linux but is the format used on iPhone. You need to right-click and save the file to your computer instead of just clicking on it which tries to play it straight away. Google for a CAF converter to mp3 or wav, and run it on your saved file before attempting to play it.

      • Gabe Says:

        But like whenever I try and save it, it saves it as an htm file, and whenever I click on it, it just sends me back to the web page that says “Sorry, this file is not supported.” Any thoughts?

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