Started QA Cycle for 4.0

Started intensive testing of the latest version, if all goes well, I will upload it next week.

I decided not to include the “friends/social networking” feature at this stage, since there are too many questions still in my mind as to what would be useful, (and how to do it).

This initial version will gather some information on usage patterns of the program to help me decide what would be the best features to work on, or use for next version. So, various operations in the application will result in sending short messages to my server. This should not impact the operation in any way, since it is done in the background, and the amount of data is minimal.

One of the more useful features I added, is the information button on the practice screen, that displays all comments for the current piece.

Pressing the  i  button next to the practice notes entry (in the following screenshot):

results in the following list of notes:

I use a shorthand for describing each practice session. The piece is divided into phrases which I have labeled alphabetically. Each day, I indicate which phrases were worked on, by themselves or in pairs. A phrase in upper case indicates a phrase that has been worked on more intensively. Usually the first day, or if it has been problematical.



7 Responses to “Started QA Cycle for 4.0”

  1. Dave Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Just Practice. In fact, I’ve started to use it to organize everything I want to accomplish. I’ve been looking at time management software for a decade now and have never really been quite satisfied with anything until now. This finally shows what’s left to accomplish and how much time it’ll take to get it done based on the plan. And it incorporates nice tracking graphics like bars and stars, alarms, total time tracked on the calendar, each item on each day of the week planned, etc. LOVE IT!

    So much so that I now want to start using it for other tasks besides all the music related studies I’m doing. So either I need to run another instance of it, one for each area of my life, or I guess I need you to build in folders so that I can separate music from let’s say work tasks, home tasks, workout tracking etc.

    Lastly, as a wish list item, it’d be incredible if this were able to export data via .xls into something like Roambi for a super beautiful graphical dashboard.
    I was thinking of jumping in and having all this coded myself as I want it so badly, but for now will just have to ask you to look at this idea and bundle it in a future update if you can. Thanks so much for making this. You should charge for it!!!!!!! It’s SO worth it.

    How soon until the new one hits the app store?

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:


      • I will be implementing work sessions (similar to folders or different users) for the next version.
      • You can get the data in .csv format using the webserver option. I am thinking about a backup/sync to the cloud option for next version, as well.
      • New version will be uploaded today!
  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Malcom,
    Thanks so much for the quick response. Good to see devs back their wares, and quickly too! 😉

    Yeah, I was reading your older posts and noticed the web server option. I’ve been playing with it ever since my first post. Very clean and easy.

    Glad to hear you’re implementing folders in the next version. I need them.

    I also just tried importing my .csv into to get it to display trend tracking type data on my tasks. I want to be able to graphically show in the pretty Roambi app on my iPad how I’m doing on each task or “piece” as you call it over time. But so far have not figured out the right template or way to format the data to make your exported .csv format produce a result that is graphable within Roambi.

    (The stars and bars are AWESOME within the app, and actually mostly all I need, but they trend only a week’s worth of effort graphically. Then the logs are only showing numbers. I’m shooting for somehting that’ll trend graphically the data over months and longer if I wish. As I plan to use this to show graphically my compliance in exercise, MMA training, work projects, etc.)

    I don’t think it’d be hard, but I’m just not a database guy at heart. It’d be cool if you’d be willing to take a look at signing up for a free account at Roambi to test the import feature yourself and see what I mean. I’m really impressed with their clean design and powerful representation of trend data over time and think that your tool is the perfect input mechanism for me to track my progress in all my endeavors over time. A real powerful personal dashboard of sorts.

    I’d be willing to pay you for your effort on this if you are willing to help me get a working template with them built or a reformat of your .csv so it automatically imports with them in a way that allows comparison of each day’s tasks against other days and shows graphs up/down of the changes. E.g. shows that I was compliant with actually doing each task each day and that displays graphically on their different graph views depending on how I want to look at it.

    Basically I’m using Just Practice and Roambi as a compliance tool. An efficient input/beautiful output tracker! This would benefit so many people other than me I’m sure.

    Anyway, that’s my idea. Thanks for creating an incredibly efficient tool already in Just Practice. It’s already making a difference for me.

    Oh, and I’d love to send you my .csv for you to see what I’ve got so far as an example of the type of data/tasks I’m talking about. Maybe your database layout could be changed or optimized in a way that’d be perfect for auto import into Roambi. Or maybe it already is and I’m just not figuring it out on first try.

    Oh and one more idea for you. For the social media tab, how about an “Upload to Google Docs” and “Upload to Roambi” accounts option? That’d be powerfully useful integration.

    Thanks again though for what you’ve already done. I’m a BIG fan.

  3. Bentley Says:

    In fact every year shows practice time logged past and future. Iv onle had tge program for a year

    Anyone elsehsve this bug?

  4. D Says:

    Still working on this?

  5. Malcolm Says:

    Sorry but I have moved over to android see just

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