4.0 Ready for sale

Just got the message from AppStore.

Note that app is still free, I guess Apple should change their wording to “Ready for download” …


27 Responses to “4.0 Ready for sale”

  1. Damian Says:

    Hooray! Congratulations Malcolm, can’t wait to get stuck into it.

  2. Randy Says:

    Very useful app. One thing keeps me from using it more: for some reason the metronome mutes during recording. Would love to be able to record practice clips with the metronome. Other than that, my opinion is that the app is just about perfect. Thanks!

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:


      I purposely disabled all audio output (metronome,alarms, etc) during recording to ensure no unwanted noise would interrupt. I guess that if you attach ear-phones then you could record without the metronome not being loud enough to be heard by the microphone.

      I will try this out for the next version,


  3. ccyc Says:

    my previous practice sessions are only partially imported, how do i fix this?

  4. malcolmkavalsky Says:


    In response to “my previous practice sessions are only partially imported, how do i fix this?” this depends on what is missing. If entries are missing, then you may need to add them manually, otherwise you can edit any practice entry via the practice log, or by clicking on the day of the session in the monthly view. Also, you can edit piece names/info using the piece editor.

    The new version is based on a proper piece database, with name, composer, and genre whereas the previous version was just any string. Importing into the new version just ran through all practice sessions and created pieces from these strings (without composer or genre info). Usually this should have worked, it did when I tested it . I would be interested to know what didn’t.

    In any case, I did not erase the previous data so you can still open the webserver and download all your old sessions to your computer to save in your favorite spreadsheet.

    There is also an option to clear the entire database. Note that if you do this, on rebooting the program, you will be asked again whether you want to import the old data.

    Hope this helps,

  5. ccyc Says:

    Thank you Malcolm,
    I got all the old data back, this app is fantastic!!!
    I still have one more question though… is “weekly log” still available in the new version?

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Sorry, I removed the weekly log, wasn’t sure it was still useful. I was going to add a more comprehensive reporting tool under the practice log tab, but didn’t complete this yet.

  6. gail e Ordun Says:

    Is there an introductory user guide?

    I clearly do not understand the database, as I am unable to add more than four pieces under any given composer or category. The last piece keeps being overwritten.

    Without categorization, it will be impossible for me to maintain repertoire information.

    Also, what is “Web Server” a backup strategy? i.e., what files?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. If there’s already a place to look these up, just point me at it!

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      I cannot reproduce this bug. I just did a quick test from within the Pieces Tab:

      1. Created new category Test
      2. Added new pieces qq,ww,ee,rr and tt.
      3. Afterwards listed pieces by filtering by category test and saw them all there.

      The only thing I can think of is that pieces do need to be unique i.e. you cannot have two pieces by the same composer with the same name.

      Anyone else have this problem ?

      The Web Server is used to copy all data files from your iphone to your computer. I use this to transfer recordings, or to import the practice database into a spreadsheet for more extensive analysis than is available in the application.

      • Randy Says:

        I’m having a similar issue. Eleven pieces is all I can do. If I add any more, other pieces disappear. There are a few app reviews where people have mentioned this bug.

      • malcolmkavalsky Says:

        Hmm, that is worrying. I will look into this.

      • malcolmkavalsky Says:

        Ok, I think I find the problem. This may be due to low-memory which I wasn’t dealing with properly. In the meantime, try removing some apps from memory and see if this helps, until I release a fix.

      • Randy Says:

        Yes, that may be it. I closed all other apps and was able to add three more pieces. Will let you know if I encounter more problems. Thanks for looking into this, I’m sure this fix will make a lot of people happy!

      • malcolmkavalsky Says:

        Which iPhone/iPod are you using ? Which version of iOS are you running ?

      • Randy Says:

        iPod touch 3G, iOS 4.3.4

      • Ann Says:

        Hi Malcolm, I love the new design with the database of pieces. Unfortunately I am having the same problem adding pieces to the database on my daughter iPod touch. After closing all the other apps and shutting down and restartting, I was able to add 3 more pieces but now have the same problem again.

      • Julie Says:

        I began having the same problem with not the last upgrade, but I think the one before. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it. At first it looked like it might work, but after leaving the app and coming back, it would let me add more pieces, it would only change the name of the last piece. I sure hope you can fix this!

  7. BG Says:

    The % complete feature no longer works properly in the new version. I had to zero times of pieces I wasn’t using at all, then 5 min done of 30 min showed 68 %. No logic at all!

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      The logic to calculate percentage is by using the combined percentages of each pieces remaining practice time. So, if you set a practice time of 0 in the plan for a piece, then this would contribute 100% for this specific piece everyday. If you are not planning to practice a piece, you should delete it from the plan.

  8. Wayne Says:

    Since the label is today’s progress, shouldn’t it be the amount of time pieces from today’s plan were practiced as a percentage of today’s total plan? I currently have 15 minutes in toward today’s plan of 1:05 and I’m 5% done!

    I love the app and this is the only part that puzzles me.

  9. Damian Says:

    Thanks for the hard work Malcolm.

    One minor update that you mentioned you might work one was the reversing the ‘tick’ and ‘tock’ when the metronome was on it’s default 1/4 rather than needing to toggle it through the time sigs first.

    I’ve gotten a little out of practice but am using your app to help me get centred again. I’m enjoying exploring the database so far.


  10. Gerry Saulter Says:

    You created a great app. As a fan of the original Star Trek, the words ” & Captians’ log star date… ” always started my practice sessions from the time I was about 5 years old. The layout is perfect. I look forward to an update that includes a built in tuner, more detailed review of “comments” on pieces, & a database that is easier to edit. Overall,4 stars out of 5…Great job.

  11. Benjamin Blake Williamson Says:

    I really like the ideas behind this application, and am looking forward to using it MUCH more, but for the time being I seem to frequently encounter problems trying to open it, since it will most times go back to my iTouch’s main screen after I’ve clicked on it. I find that this is often after I’ve completed a practice routine.

    Also, I’ve read some of the comments here, in particular, the one about wanting to record with the metronome running. Would it be possible to add a function to the recorder to where, after having started recording, you could hit a button on the recorder window–probably shaped like a metronome–that would turn the metronome back on? (This way you would still have the default ‘met-off’ recording, but could turn it back on if you wanted to.)

    Wait a minute! How about THIS: When you first hit the record button the metronome will mute, by default, but in its place will be a visual cue- a blinking metronome (which you could then unmute for sound)?

    Would it be possible to add a tuner to this application? I understand if at this time you feel overwhelmed with ironing-out bugs in the system you currently have in place; there are already so many functions it has programmed into it.

    Two other things I’d like to suggest is

    1) A customizable metronome (that is, one where you can set the metronome to odd time signatures like 7/8, 11/16, 13/4, etc.; the ability to accent certain counts to make groupings might be nice, too), and

    2) Preset metronome rhythms {such as:
    straight eighths [1-&, 2-&],
    swung 8ths [1-(la)-li, 2-(la)-li], and
    sixteenth notes [1-e-&-a, 2-e-&-a; 1-(e-&)-a, 2-(e-&)-a]}.

    These functions would be extremely useful, in my opinion, because they’d make it much easier for a person to practice any piece of music that uses swung or dotted eighth notes, or practice any contemporary or foreign piece. (Take a look at the “m30” or “BackBeat” apps if you’d like a more visual look at what I’m talking about.)

    [I’m using a 4th Generation iTouch, running iOS version 4.3.5]

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Thanks for the feedback.
      I will look into augmenting the metronome.

      A tuner is not on the cards in the near future. I bought the Cleartune application, highly recommended.

      • Benjamin Blake Williamson Says:

        I wouldn’t expect you to be trying to throw a tuner into the mix so soon. Haha

        Okay, so it’s probably best not to expect something like that any time soon. That’s not a big deal.

        I would personally recommend the ‘n-Track Tuner’ application. It does spectral analysis (meaning it detects overtones, as well as any sound whatsoever in the room in case you’re trying to identify frequency feedback on a PA system), it tells you what note it’s reading the strongest (which sometimes is not the fundamental), displays the precise frequency of the note, it has a diapason function you can program for precise frequencies, and it’s free. I love it.

        Their paid application (n-Track Studio), though, is on an even higher level…

  12. Benjamin Blake Williamson Says:

    (addendum to my last comment)

    I am having the same difficulties as Randy when it comes to the number of pieces I can input.

    • Randy Says:

      Hi Ben, I think the current workaround is to close other running apps. This was recommended by Mr. Kavalsky and has worked for me. I wasn’t sure if you saw that so I thought I’d mention it. I think a fix is coming.

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