Uploaded 4.1 to App Store

New features:

  • Weekly totals  log   accessable from Home screen (log button next to info button).
  • Find your pieces on youtube with single-click from within piece browser
  • Low memory warnings

16 Responses to “Uploaded 4.1 to App Store”

  1. Randy Says:

    Thanks for the update.
    I decided to wait until after the update to add more pieces to the database, hoping that the problem would be fixed. I’m sorry to report that the problem is still there. I’ve added 16 pieces, but I can’t add anyore without an existing piece mysteriously vanishing off of the list. I don’t have any other apps running. This app is great, I sure hope that you can fix this.

  2. Randy Says:


    That’s unfortunate, I was hoping that it was the memory problem. Are you able to duplicate the bug? I’ll try to provide as much information as you need.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      I am unable to duplicate this, perhaps there are some other differences between 3G and 3GS machines, besides memory. I will try adding some more checks in the system specifically to catch this error.

      • Randy Says:

        If you would like, I can send you some screen shots with a more in depth description of the bug. I like the app, and would love to add more pieces, so it would be worthwhile for me to help you troubleshoot.

      • Randy Says:

        Question: When you add a new piece, do you do so in ‘Edit’ mode? I decided to try this, and it worked! I’m up to 18 pieces now!

      • Randy Says:

        I now have 23 pieces; this is all I need for now. I did have a glitch but I closed and reopened the app and all was fine. I don’t think the bug has anything to do with memory allocation or availability, I think it’s related to the steps the app takes when committing the data to the database.
        Suggestion: remove the ‘Add new pieces’, and have users add new pieces by selecting ‘Edit’, followed by the ‘ ‘ to add a piece. This is how many apps work, so it shouldn’t be confusing. Also, you may want to add a check to make sure that when ‘save’ is selected, that the data actually exists in the database. That’s it for now. Thanks again for the app. I know you’ve put a lot of thought and work into it, and I am glad to have it!

  3. Randy Says:

    Correction to the comment above: I had a plus sign which was removed, probably to prevent SQL code injection attacks. So the fourth sentence should read:

    “Suggestion: remove the ‘Add new pieces’, and have users add new pieces by selecting ‘Edit’, followed by the plus sign to add a piece.”

  4. Randy Says:

    Update: I added another piece, called ‘Hungaria’, and when I did that two ‘Hungaria’s’ showed up, but another piece, ‘technique ex. 5’ disappeared. I’m thinking that all the data is actually there but somehow the pointers get jumbled, because the second ‘Hungaria’ was one that I had previously entered that had disappeared off the list. I reentered ‘technique ex. 5’ using the above mentioned method and all is well. Are you using a database, or are you using linked lists? It’s behaving like a linked list with orphaned pointers. Nevertheless, it is working for me now, though It does have a bug or two, but now I know how to work around that. Hopefully this info will be of use to you, that is my goal.

    • Randy Says:

      Also, if you would like to continue this conversation off of the blog, feel free to email me directly. As I said, I’m willing to help.

  5. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Thanks for the info. The code is calling the same add procedure both from the Edit+ mode or by choosing the ‘Add new piece’ option. Very strange that one way works and not the other.

    I am not maintaining my own data structures, instead just using iOS coredata api’s, which actually simplified my code a lot (since 4.0).

    Based on your tests, I will look again at all the memory allocations and hopefully something will pop up.


    • Randy Says:

      Great! I’ll try to provide you with information, hopefully it will help. Again the info for my unit is:

      iPod Touch 3
      265MB RAM
      32GB Flash
      iOS 4.3.4

      Thanks again and good luck!

  6. Behzat Cem GUNENC Says:

    Hi Mr. Kavalsky,

    I am a professional classical guitar player. By chance i found your app. and now i am using it everyday and suggesting to everyone. If you sell it on app store definitely i and lots of people will buy it. I want to report a bug and advice smt. as a player.

    I have iphone 4 with ios 5 when i add a second new piece it renames the first piece. I close the app then i open again; now i can add a new piece. For each piece adding i need to close the app. completely for to reopen the app. again.

    I have some advices as a player.

    1. For changing start day of the week for ex. In many countries week start from monday. I calender starting from monday will be more useful. Need settings.
    2. Pls visit David Rusell’s web site “Tips for guitarist, practice sheet” If you can make a sheet like that we can count how many time we played the pieces. It will be great.
    3- Controling changing alarm sound. This is also important beacuse when i am practing loud scales sometimes i am missing the alarm sound.
    4- Add an appointment book so players and teachers can record their private student records or concert dates. diary for daily performance.
    5- Metronom pls add 5/4 6/4 7/4 8/4 9/4 and if you can make setting for metronome for controling the accent notes sound for ex. 5/4(2+3) your metronom will be legend.
    6- Make lite version and sell the original version earning money will motivate you.

    These thing came first to my mind if anything comes to my mind i will share with you.

    Best Wishes
    Behzat Cem GUNENC

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Behzat. The piece creation problem you have mentioned is really terrible. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this, in order to fix it, but am still looking for possible reasons.

      I have also had some problemsafter upgrading my phone to iOS5, mainly performance wise, it seems much slower. I will be releasing some fixes very soon and hope this will help. In addition, I have added some capabilites to discover and hopefully fix the bug you mentioned.

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