4.2 trials and tribulations with Apple

After installing iOS 5.0, I noticed a definite speed decrease in the application, due to database access being much slower. So, I added some caching accelerator code, and at the same time fixed a bug which I believe was responsible for some users unable to add new pieces.

All good so far, but now the saga begins on trying to upload my update to the Appstore.
It has been almost a week of agonizing frustration with the whole process, and I still have not succeeded. I am using this blog to vent, so please bear with me to understand what developers have to deal with, besides just the application itself.

After archiving the application, the archive itself passes validation successfully, and I am told just to hit the submit button. However, after a while, some more spinning-wheels, the submission itself fails, and the archive is changed to Invalid, but without any hint as to why.

To add insult to injury, I have two support tickets that I can invoke, but the link to the support page itself is broken !

I wonder if Android Market is as frustrating …


One Response to “4.2 trials and tribulations with Apple”

  1. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Funny, from Linux I was able to access the support page, there is hope yet …

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