4.2 submitted successfully

So, I had to reformat my Mac, reinstall everything from scratch, and then was able to submit the updated application.

Should, be ready for download within a week, based on previous experience.

Main features in this new update:

1. Bug found and fixed for adding new pieces
2. Added database caching to improve performance which deteriorated under iOS 5.0. This means that if you have a large database of practice sessions, the first time you enter the practice sheet, it will take longer (up to 5 seconds in my case with a years database), but from the second time on, it is immediate. The same goes for the monthly total display screens.


7 Responses to “4.2 submitted successfully”

  1. damianevansbass Says:

    Congratulations Malcolm. Well done and sorry for your earlier problems. I’m still using 4.1 with no problems and still finding it very useful. I would still love the mellower metronome click to be the default 1/4!

  2. Peter Says:

    Like the app, but noticed a minor bug. Created a new composer, added text in details. I can not now modify this text. I can overwrite it and save, but when I get back to the composers page it is still there and it is still there when I go to edit again….

    Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Peter Says:

    After more use, found another bug. When using accented characters everything works with the exception of the Weekly log where the accents are dropped in favour of symbols (a piece called Soleá has the accented á replaced with a square root sign and a degree symbol).

    As you can tell, I play some Flamenco and would love to have the metronome able to play 12/4 with accents on 3,6,8,10,12 (3+3+2+2+2).

    I really, really like your app!

  4. Ben Says:

    Okay, I believe I’ve updated my 4th Gen. iTouch to the new iOS 5.0. I don’t have that many ‘pieces’ written down (they’re simply names of several different drumset exercises), but I simply cannot click on the ‘Practice’ tab without the application crashing…

  5. Dennis McMasters Says:

    Hello there. As with the other commenters here, i really enjoy the app. This may be a question based in ignorance and if so, any guidance would be appreciated. If not, then consider it a feature request. I cannot get the info from my iPad to synch to my iPhone. Should this be happening automatically when i synch the devices on my home system?


    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      No sync functionality at this stage.
      All you can do at the moment is to download the database to your computer for Excel manipulation.
      I do understand the requirement but am still considering different options for where to store the database for access by multiple devices and/or computers.

  6. Dave Says:

    Hi Malcom,
    Wrote to you last year in support of your app. Love it! Really hope you continue to add features and functionality to it over time. Dropbox sync would be great to keep it synced with my ipad too. Also graphing. Something along the Outlier/10,000 hour rule type tracking apps might be a good niche for you to join in with as well. So far competition is low in this niche, but I really think more people need to know about your app. I hope this encourages you to keep improving it and release many more updates.
    Highest regards,

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