JustPractice: Syncing Database between devices

Some quick tips for backing up, restoring and syncing the database used in the app. The tips that follow are for the android version, I plan to convert the iPhone version to be compatible in the future.

Tip #1: Backup and Restore

On the Monthly log screen, pressing the android menu button, will pop up three options, delete, backup and restore.

  • Delete: Beware of this one, your entire database is deleted.
  • Backup: Copies your database to the sd card, and compresses it.
  • Restore: Overwrites your database with the copy on the sd card.

Tip #2: Synchronizing your database between multiple devices

I use justpractice mainly on my phone, but when I want to see how it looks on my tablet, I do the following:

  1. Backup the database on my phone, as above.
  2. Copy database from phone to PC (running Linux) using the command:
    • adb pull /mnt/sdcard/justpractice.db.gz
  3. Disconnect phone, and connect tablet in its place
  4. Copy database from PC to tablet using the command:
    • adb push justpractice.db.gz /mnt/sdcard
  5. Finally, on tablet restore the database as detailed above

Of course, this seems like a lot of work (and it is). So, I am working on integrating Dropbox, so that you could even have auto-syncing.


5 Responses to “JustPractice: Syncing Database between devices”

  1. Bob Kridle Says:

    Looking for a use website or a source of support for “Just Practice.” Metronome feature doesn’t seem to work for me. In general, I could use a set of instructions. I also note that if you put a quote symbol in the Composer field, you will crash the app. Try, for example, Thomas “Fats” Waller.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Hey Bob,

      Which phone are you using ? Metronome should just work, though on really old models, the timing may not always be ok.

      The iPhone version has help screens, which I need to integrate into the Android version.

      I am getting ready to release a new version with tablet support, and will check the quotes issue.


  2. Danny Says:

    any change you could send me a version that will work on 4.2.1 Ipod touch?


  3. Luis Says:

    Do u plan on making an update for android os anytime soon? One issue im having is syncing or saving my database. I just switched phones and had to manually put in my info again. It would not sync with my sd or sync automatically. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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