No more iPhone version

I have decided to commit my time fully to the Android version of JustPractice. The main reason is Apple’s restrictive policy which permits only registered developers to create apps and only allows you to get apps from their App store. I find it galling that I have to pay $100 each year for the privilege of creating free software. I just received a call from Apple that since I did not renew my developer license, my app would be remove from their store. So, don’t remove it from your phone.

I have a cool tablet version for Android (also runs on regular phones, but doesn’t have all the features). It supports dropbox for syncing between devices. The beta is available from

Future plans include html5 version with cloud backend


21 Responses to “No more iPhone version”

  1. Remixed Says:

    That’s a pity. It’s so sad because I use your app everyday. But I can understand your reasons all too well. Thanks for the app and all the best René

  2. David Says:

    That is a real bummer. The more I find out about apple the more evil they seem. Of course as a musician ive been having to contend with pay-to-play (even for free) scenarios for a while so I am very sympathetic. Anyway I love the just practice app which really helps me stay on top of my goals as a musician. I also just recommended it to all my piano students too. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. julie Says:

    Sorry to hear this, but I do understand. I use your app whenever I practice.

  4. Luis Says:

    How soon for an update for the bugs in the current android (mobile) version? (Force close between apps) I enjoy it nonetheless. =)

  5. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Luis, you could try out the new tablet version which will replace the older (its not just for tablets). Currently, its in beta so it uses a different database (means you need to input your data again). You can download it from

  6. Joaquín Says:

    Hi Malcolm:
    I love your app and use it everyday. Have you considered selling it in the app store instead of giving it away for free? You can ask $1.99 or $2.99 since this is a dedicated app only for musicians. I know that the users of this excellent app would pay for it. There is a similar app called Music Journal that sells for $7.99.
    Anyway, thanks for your work. I won’t delete this app from my iphone.

  7. Tiago Says:

    Hey, I’m trying to use the beta tablet version with dropbox support, but when I try to enable dropbox to import my data it says something about a limited number of keys or something.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Ok, Tiago, just received authorization from Dropbox that my app now is in production status, i.e. you should be able to use the dropbox features. If I understand correctly, you need not re-download the application itself, just use the one you have installed. Let me know …

  8. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Tiago, yes you are correct. I just applied for production status from dropbox which will solve this. As soon as I get it, will update the app.

  9. DOm Says:

    Thnaks for your work. I use it day after day to work on my android’s smartphone. I’ll try the tablet version now. If you sell it in the future I’ll pay without any hesitation.

  10. Bucky Schwartz Says:

    Argh!!! I lost the app when I restored my phone. Does anybody know of a good replacement for this wonderful app? I haven’t found anything in the app store that comes close.

  11. Allan Says:

    Malcolm, is there a way with iPhones, where you can download the iPhone independently from the iStore, or is the app installation process not designed that way?

    I have shown my daughter your stunning app in Android, and she would love the iPhone version, if its possible.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      Allan, sorry Apple doesn’t let you install apps if they are not in the app store. They maintain total control which is part of the reason I dropped working with them.

      Perhaps if you jail break the phone you could somehow install it, though I have no experience with this. I still have the app and could send it to you if you find a way to install it.

  12. Bob Kridle Says:

    I’m another disappointed iPhone user. I don’t know why you don’t charge something for your efforts and continue on the iPhone. I would certainly pay $10 for the app. I have found Just Practice to be very useful in making my practice time productive and revealing.

    • malcolmkavalsky Says:

      I am working an a webapp version that will run on any device, as long as you have internet access. But this is still a way off.

      In the meantime, my only suggestion is to pick up the cheapest android device you can find. I test the app on a really small, weak phone (3.5″ screen, 256Mb, running android 2.3.5) before releasing.

      • Bob Kridle Says:


        Thanks for your suggestion, but it doesn’t make sense for me. I am a pretty committed iPhone guy and don’t want to start carrying around two devices. From a users point of view the Apple infrastructure as lots of advantages over Android’s, not the least of which is that apps are at least slightly “curated” to use Apple’s marketing term.

        I suspect you are already aware that iOS 7 breaks lots of parts of Just Practice. Downloading parts of database for analysis or recorded material doesn’t work anymore. Minor parts of the GUI for recording are confusing – clear that Apple changed the libraries some. Now a bunch of inappropriate “Save/Cancel” dialog boxes are popping up.

        Although I look forward to your internet based version, I am quite curious about what doesn’t work about supporting an Apple App Store based application. $100 may be personally offensive to you, but it certainly isn’t much of a financial barrier compared to to the countless hours you have obviously put into the app. I would be happy to pay your $100 just to have the app around and working for another year.

        Have downloads been so few that a fee of $10 or so per download wouldn’t be significant?

        I was a principal in a profitable software company for 20 years in what now seems like a completely bygone era– ended about 12 years ago. I’m very interested in what is working or not working for creative developers like yourself in the current world. If you have any interest in discussing any of this further, drop me a note at and we’ll talk. If you don’t have the time or inclination to talk, let me know if anything I can read that will give be a flavor or the issues affect your decision to distribute or not.

        Best of luck in any case. If I don’t hear from you, I guess I will just have to start app shopping for something similar in the Apple universe. I doubt I’ll find it.

  13. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the interest. A few points of general interest, which I feel, need to be made are:

    1. My beef with Apple: During the time I developed on Apple, I kept getting the feeling of being squeezed for money. You can only develop on their hardware, and when a new SDK is released, then you usually also haveto upgrade your OS. This even forced me to upgrade hardware at one stage. I felt like I was “beholden” to them, totally under their control, and being treated more like a customer than a “partner”. My background is more in the open-source community, so I found this especially galling. Once my macbook died (for the 2nd time), I just decided its not worth it.

    2. Moving to Android: Basically fixes all my beefs with Apple, even though the SDK is not as good, it is a lot more work developing for android and iOS is more polished. Also, if you watch market trends my feeling is that I will have a larger potential user base on android devices.

    3. Paid vs Free: I have received many recommendations for charging for the app, or adding advertisements, etc. I made a conscious decision not to charge or “dirty” the app with advertisment because I would like to create a community of practicing musicians and am less interested in the money side. So, whatever can increase the footprint of the app is important, (which does conflict with my lack of support for iphone, but I hope that the web app will be the major platform of use).

    4. The Justpractice WebApp: This is my next target which I am currently working on. It has an interface that should look good on mobile phones, as well as tablets and computers. I plan on releasing it in a couple of months. I may release beta tests before then on this blog. Stay tuned.

    • Robert Kridle Says:

      Hey Malcom,

      Don’t know if you are still reading this, but if you are I would really like to talk with you. I have waited a couple of years for web based version of your Just Practice app, but it looks like it has fallen off your radar.

      Even though JP just barely works under iOS any more, it is still, as far as I can find, the best designed app in it’s class. I am an adult amateur pianist who has found JP to be an invaluable part of my study.

      I am also an experienced (mostly retired) software developer. I would like to see if we could find a simple, mutually satisfactory model where I could take over maintenance of Just Practice on iOS for everyones benefit. It seems like way too nice a piece of design to simply let go. I hope you are not underestimating your own creativity in designing this so well.

      Talk to me,

      Bob Kridle

  14. Bob Kridle Says:

    I guess I will just limp along on the current version and hope it runs long enough for your web app to get itself together! I hope you don’t find supporting an Android app even more time consuming and frustrating. I’ll watch your blog for updates!

    I spent 20 years trying, with varying degrees of success, to “partner” with Apple, so I fully understand your frustration. Working on my piano playing is much more within my control although, in the end no easier….

  15. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Hey Bob,

    If you want to take over the iPhone version, I’ll send you the sources and my blessing (will email you directly)

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