Listening to your recordings from your device on your computer

The recorder facility in the practice session screen records at maximum quality, however most phones don’t play back with a matching quality of sound. So, I found it best to listen to my recordings on my computer. Of course this needs to be as easy as just hitting the play button on the phone, so with some initial setup this is indeed possible.  This is how I do it:

  1. Install sshdroid on the phone, and run it.
  2. On Ubuntu (my desktop), I open the Nautilus file manager, with connect to server, and input the ip address that sshdroid displayed.
  3. Navigate within the file manager to the directory /mnt/sdcard/Recordings where the raw files are stored. Note, that the name of the file is a bit cryptic, i.e. it will look something like 308.pcm (where 308 is the piece id number, after a few plays you will recognize which number matches which piece). I usually sort the file list by date anyway.
  4. I then use Audacity to playback the file using “Import raw”




4 Responses to “Listening to your recordings from your device on your computer”

  1. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Another, even easier method without needing a computer, is to use bluetooth to connect the audio from your device to your hifi system. I bought a really cheap bluetooth-to-audio adapter which I connected the the aux input of my system.

  2. Ian Schwartz Says:

    I’m apologizing in advance that this comment has nothing to do with the above, but I’m desparate to find an answer to my problem and don’t know where else to post.
    I’m using the latest/last iPhone version. When I use the metronome in any of the practice sessions, the volume control buttons of my phone are ignored. Worse still, sometimes the metronome is really quiet.
    Am I missing some built in Metronome Volume Control?

  3. malcolmkavalsky Says:

    Sorry Ian but no hidden volume button. I no longer support the iphone version(since my macbook died) and have moved to Android.
    I guess the only work around for you is to connect to an external amplifier or stereo and use its volume control.

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