After almost 5 years since JustPractice was released, this is a major rewrite for a more streamlined and modern version of this app.

You can now download it from the  Google Play Store

Let’s start with the main screenshot:


Shows the amount practiced on each day, if you have a tablet then a more expanded version is available, which also shows the pieces practiced (space permitting):


Pressing the floating button, will open the session practice screen with the next piece that you have in the plan needing practice:


The top rows include the Piece name, your weekly goal and how to practice.

Tools at your disposal include the timer, showing elapsed time, as well as progress towards completion (which will sound a cuckoo sound on completion of the day’s quota).

Also a metronome, audio and video recordings, as well as a note pad for each practice session which can be viewed for future sessions.


The practice tab shows the individual pieces current progress. A star is green for each completed session, gray for uncompleted session. The progress bar shows todays completion status.

Items in red indicate pieces that have less than 50% completion as expected.


The PLAN tab shows each piece that you have decided to work on this week. You can see the totals for each day in the header. Hitting the plus button, opens the screen which you use to add pieces to this list:


You choose the piece, duration of each session, it’s priority and the days you want to practice it.

Finally, we have the recordings tab which shows all recordings from your practice sessions and also lets you add directly from here. Clicking on a recording enables you to set its rating, and add notes, etc.


Some extra features which may be useful are found in the menu tab on the top right corner, which opens to:


The piece manager is used to manage your database of composers, pieces. You can backup and restore the database, as well as share it with other devices or overwrite your database with that of another device.




8 Responses to “JustPracticePro”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds great Malcolm.
    Will it be simple to transfer all my practice records on my existing version ( on a Galaxy Note 4 phone ) into the new version after I download the new version? I wouldn’t want the list of all my pieces and the record of pain and anguish to be lost!
    Really looking forward to your new version.

  2. Steve Says:

    I hope the new version will also keep the ‘Add Manual Session’ which I have found very helpful…

  3. Malcolm Kavalsky Says:

    I just uploaded the first test version to the app store. It has the manual session option (just click on the day in the calendar you want to add)
    It does not yet have the option to import database from the old version. I am looking into this.

  4. Steve Says:

    Many thanks Malcolm. Finally found it and downloaded. Looking very good!
    Did you manage to solve the issue importing the list of pieces and practice log from the previous version?
    Is there a way of making a PayPal payment in recognition of all your hard work?
    All the best.

  5. Malcolm Kavalsky Says:

    Hi Steve, too busy with ironing out bugs to work on the import issue. In the meantime I suggest you keep the previous app for your past history, and use the new one for your future sessions. I realize you will need to add the pieces that you are practicing now, but this shouldn’t be too hard, I hope.

    Thanks for your offer, but this is really a labor of love for me and I value far more your feedback. So, consider yourself hired as a consultant 🙂

    Here’s to your musical success for the new year!

  6. Dom Paulin Says:

    Thanks Malcolm for your work. I’m using JustPractise many hours each day since the beginning !
    It would be great to collect the old archive, not for the time but for all the pieces I worked. There is really a lot and I can see when I played their what did I played. I’ll try new version tomorrow.

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