Merging JustPractice 1.0 data into JustPracticePro

I just completed the new merge feature to import all your data from the old version to the new version. This is how you do it:

First backup the database from inside JustPractice 1.0

On the log screen (showing the month display), hit the menu button on your phone to access this option. On older phones this is to the left of your physical home button. On newer phones without the menu button, do a long-press on the back button (to the right of the home button). Choose the backup option, after completion exit the application

Now open JustPracticePro and choose the merge option from the menu icon ( 3 dots) on the top right of the screen.

That’s  it.

I will release this in a couple of days after some more testing, until then please ensure that you use the same spelling for composers and pieces in the new app as you used in the old, otherwise you will have duplicate entries in the new database. I do plan to add the ability to merge composers and pieces, but not in the next release.

Cheers !


One Response to “Merging JustPractice 1.0 data into JustPracticePro”

  1. Malcolm Kavalsky Says:

    BTW, you can test the new version with this feature before release at

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