Android Version ready for beta testing

April 5, 2012

So, I have completed the first version of the app for Android. I have tested it on Froyo (2.2) on a Samsung Galaxy S as well as Samsung Tablet (running 3.1).

It is quite usable at the moment, but still not ready for the Market. If you are interested in testing it, you can download it from my website


4.2 submitted successfully

October 27, 2011

So, I had to reformat my Mac, reinstall everything from scratch, and then was able to submit the updated application.

Should, be ready for download within a week, based on previous experience.

Main features in this new update:

1. Bug found and fixed for adding new pieces
2. Added database caching to improve performance which deteriorated under iOS 5.0. This means that if you have a large database of practice sessions, the first time you enter the practice sheet, it will take longer (up to 5 seconds in my case with a years database), but from the second time on, it is immediate. The same goes for the monthly total display screens.

4.2 trials and tribulations with Apple

October 25, 2011

After installing iOS 5.0, I noticed a definite speed decrease in the application, due to database access being much slower. So, I added some caching accelerator code, and at the same time fixed a bug which I believe was responsible for some users unable to add new pieces.

All good so far, but now the saga begins on trying to upload my update to the Appstore.
It has been almost a week of agonizing frustration with the whole process, and I still have not succeeded. I am using this blog to vent, so please bear with me to understand what developers have to deal with, besides just the application itself.

After archiving the application, the archive itself passes validation successfully, and I am told just to hit the submit button. However, after a while, some more spinning-wheels, the submission itself fails, and the archive is changed to Invalid, but without any hint as to why.

To add insult to injury, I have two support tickets that I can invoke, but the link to the support page itself is broken !

I wonder if Android Market is as frustrating …

Uploaded 4.1 to App Store

August 20, 2011

New features:

  • Weekly totals  log   accessable from Home screen (log button next to info button).
  • Find your pieces on youtube with single-click from within piece browser
  • Low memory warnings

4.0 Ready for sale

June 22, 2011

Just got the message from AppStore.

Note that app is still free, I guess Apple should change their wording to “Ready for download” …

4.0 uploaded to App Store

June 12, 2011

Always a struggle to upload a new version. I actually had to fix one of Apple’s scripts on my MacBook this time!
Anyway, now it is up there and waiting for review, I guess it will be about a week until it becomes available.

A small additional feature crept in before the release i.e. you can flip the iPhone upside down and the app will also flip. This is important for recordings, since if you place the iPhone on a Music Stand, normal side up, then the microphone is muffled since it is on the bottom. I got this idea from the tuning application “Cleartune” which also flips like this.


Started QA Cycle for 4.0

June 5, 2011

Started intensive testing of the latest version, if all goes well, I will upload it next week.

I decided not to include the “friends/social networking” feature at this stage, since there are too many questions still in my mind as to what would be useful, (and how to do it).

This initial version will gather some information on usage patterns of the program to help me decide what would be the best features to work on, or use for next version. So, various operations in the application will result in sending short messages to my server. This should not impact the operation in any way, since it is done in the background, and the amount of data is minimal.

One of the more useful features I added, is the information button on the practice screen, that displays all comments for the current piece.

Pressing the  i  button next to the practice notes entry (in the following screenshot):

results in the following list of notes:

I use a shorthand for describing each practice session. The piece is divided into phrases which I have labeled alphabetically. Each day, I indicate which phrases were worked on, by themselves or in pairs. A phrase in upper case indicates a phrase that has been worked on more intensively. Usually the first day, or if it has been problematical.


4.0 Sneak preview

April 2, 2011

I have decided to call the next version 4.0, since I have some major changes/additions

  • A piece database is now built-in, and I am using the iOS coredata api for real database storage instead of my simple file I/O library. So, you can more easily reuse previous pieces, rename them, etc.
  • The planning screen includes a row of totals for each day, so you can see while creating the plan how much total practice time is expected for each day.
  • On the practice screen, you can view/edit practice notes more easily
  • Friends: still working on a simple social networking feature, more on this to be announced

Here are some screenshots of the next major version.

The cleaned up home screen:

The new planning screen with totals per day:

The main practice screen with improved star colors:

  • Red – piece was not practiced when it should have been
  • Yellow – piece was practiced, but less than should have been
  • Green – piece was practiced completely

Also, you can practice any piece in the database, besides those that were in the plan

The main piece database screen:

3.7 Accepted !

December 15, 2010

Should be available for download within 24 hours.

Took a bit longer this time …

3.7 Waiting for review

December 4, 2010

Let’s see how long it takes to be accepted …